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Silverdale Technology LLC


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About Us

We are specialists in business process integration with the Odoo ERP system, focused on local, growing businesses.

Our clients range from solo entrepreneurs to hundreds of people in multi-site teams - companies just like yours.

''The most un-consultant-like consultant I've ever worked with'' was the feedback we received from one client who initially signed us for a 2-week project and ended up keeping us on retainer for 2-years, reusing our services in different areas of their business time and time again.

Our unique approach to problem-solving involves complete immersion in your day-to-day business - spending time with the people who make your business run everyday. We take the time to understand their daily routines, the types of issues they encounter and the problems they solve for your customers.

We take all that information and 'replay the day' to the teams and management, based on new processes and technology. From there we build the business-case together, understand the ROI and agree the first phase of work.

Every business is unique and deserves a new, fresh approach to building a better business.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Fully integrated apps to manage your entire business
Available via any browser - desktop, laptop, tablets and mobile
Fully developed Accounting module
eLearning modules to create courses
Point of Sale solutions for retail and restaurants
No long-term contracts